Buttface Entertainment is a Development/Gaming Group that makes Fan games, Original Games, Animations etc...

Buttface Entertainment was Created By LucasionGamePlay.

Official Description On Indie DB Edit

Buttface Entertainment is a indie group that developers and publish games much like other companys, but we like to get a few random People Helping us with improvements by giving out sneak peaks to out so called (ES's) = (Early Supporters) we make original and fan games if anyone was wondering... Yea, follow us on out adventure in game making!

Official Members Edit

Leader: LucasionGamePlay (AKA Captain Buttface)

Official Model Designer(s): LucasionGamePlay and DeemTown

Official Sound designer(s): DeemTown

Official Beta Tester: DeemTown & alvaj19

Official Website Creator: Cooljoe01

Origin of Buttface Entertainment (Written by Company Leader) Edit

Buttface Entertainment was first a joke for me and my friends. i started by calling myself "Captain Buttface"

On steam, because my friends kept calling me assface (only for joking of course :3) and i though; HEY! i'm now officially going to be an assface. After that i've been calling my alias's Either LucasionGamePlay or Captain Buttface. After a while, my friend DeemTown and i thought it would be fun to make a company building in Minecraft. Guess what we chose to call it... Buttface Entertainment. After we did this... i've just been sticking with it. it sounds fun, even though our main purpose is for making SERIOUS Games. quite ironic. Anyway, this is basically the long and short of it.

Thanks for reading!

"you can't be a real gamer unless you at least have fun daily :3"


Shut up... i can quote if i want to :3

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